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  I am interested in how even the  smallest events in our lives have  significance and consequences for us.  What we are is shaped by the day-to- day small things that create the  world within which we live.  Everyone's experiences and  memories are different and this  makes each one of us unique. My  current work explores through  Printmaking and a variety of media, the daily  world within which I live. Those  spaces, both physical and  psychological, that I occupy and  which have an influence on the way I  see and experience things. They are  not just about the physicality of  spaces, people, or the events  themselves, but about the way they  impact on me, both visually and  emotionally. These ideas are  combined within the prints and images with different aspects of the natural world,  emphasising my place within the  order of things, within the 'bigger picture' and the significance that this has for me.